Brandin Cooks deal totals $80 million over five years

The Rams announced that wide receiver Brandin Cooks signed a five-year contract extension on Tuesday, but, as per usual in the NFL, made no mention of the financial terms of the deal.

The first report about the compensation came a short time later. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the five-year extension has a total value of $80 million. Cooks is set to make $8 million this season in the fifth and final year of his rookie deal.

There’s no word on how much of that money is guaranteed and the overall structure of the contract also remains unknown at the moment. With Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley, Jared Goff and others in line for new deals now or in the coming years, that structure will be significant as the Rams try to keep their best players together.

Ryan Finley, QB, N.C. State: Finley is still trailing underclassmen like Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham and Missouri’s Drew Lock in the minds of scouts I talk to, and there are questions about his personality and what kind of teammate he is. That said, he’s talented and was awfully efficient during his junior year. So we’ll see.

Three years removed from the play, Hekker and Avril have buried the hatchet over the play and discussed the situation on Avril’s radio show on Sports Radio 950 KJR on Tuesday.

Oh man, the Chappelle Show had a segment ‘Keeping it real gone wrong.’ That was 100 percent the situation, Hekker said.

Because of the amount of trick plays on punts the Rams under Jeff Fisher had run against Seattle, the Seahawks elected to play a punt-safe return with most of their usual defensive players on the field. That’s why Avril and Bennett were on the field for a play they otherwise wouldn’t take part in. After the punt, Hekker trailed Avril from behind and dropped him to the turf with a shoulder while Avril wasn’t looking. The play drew a 15-yard penalty.

It was a perfect hit, Avril said. I fall to the ground and I’m like ‘there’s no way it’s the punter’ but that’s the only person behind me because it was a safe punt. So I’m just trotting, next thing I know I just bust my behind. I look up and it’s ‘oh, I’ve got something for you the next go around.

Evan Engram: Eli Manning is still Eli Manning and poised for a big year

The Giants didn’t draft a quarterback with the second overall pick, showing their belief in Eli Manning. (Or their lack of faith in Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold.)

Manning is 37 and coming off a season in which he won only three of 15 starts, saw his starts streak ended, threw the third-fewest touchdowns in a season in his career and posted his lowest passer rating since 2007. That’s likely why the Giants quarterback ranked only 35th at his position in the Madden video player ratings.

Tight end Evan Engram, who caught 74 passes for 722 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie, expects Manning to outplay both his Madden rating and his critics.

Mark Scruggs, Banks’s attorney, told Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times Banks was in an Uber with Winston and Darby in Scottsdale, Ariz. on their way to a nightclub on the March 2016 night the abuse allegedly happened, but added that Winston left the nightclub in an Uber by himself. Scruggs also told Outside the Lines Winston became unruly because he was so intoxicated, which caused Banks and Darby to put him in an Uber.

What happened after that, we cannot say, Scruggs told Outside the Lines.

Before I get to the official Shoutout of the Week, shoutout to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski for stealing the show on NBA draft night. I’m glad tipping players being selected to play in professional sports leagues ahead of a broadcast was seen as a crime against humanity. Maybe we can keep that up.

I don’t know a ton about Luka Doncic. But I do listen to how people were talking about him before the draft—and if those people are right, that he can be a bona fide franchise player, then Dallas paid a small price to get him.

Traina Thoughts: Rainn Wilson Bashes World Cup, People Respond With ‘The Office’ Memes

Dwight Schrute was never afraid to say what was on his mind and that seems to be true for the phenomenal actor who portrayed him, Rainn Wilson. Clearly not afraid of the sensitive soccer crowd, Wilson went all in on the World Cup yesterday.

Another scintillating day of 1-1 ties in World Cup action. They should just skip the actual game & go right to the penalty kicks since that’s how most games r decided.

I think it would’ve been so much more fun if he signed with Philly and teamed up with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. But instead, we’ll get to watch LeBron continue to lose to the Warriors. Anyway, the one must-read story you need today on LeBron comes from SI’s Lee Jenkins who has a plethora of inside details on how the signing went down. After you read the story, you should listen to Jenkins’s recent appearance on the SI Media Podcast, where he talked about his prolific writing process.

When former Alabama wideout Tyrone Prothro testified during the trial, he pointed out how his avatar had exactly the same height and weight he was in college. The game even featured the very same wristbands he was known to wear during games, he said.

O’Bannon said the NCAA cast him as a villain instead of acknowledging that the video game was discontinued because it didn’t want to pay athletes. EA Sports, rather than wait for a verdict, reached a $60 million settlement with the players and never produced another version of its college football or basketball games.

There is ample opportunity for them to talk about the real reason why the game isn’t being manufactured anymore, but they need a scapegoat, O’Bannon said. Coming into this, I knew that I was going to have to fall on the sword.

NFL Supplemental Draft 2018: Five hopefuls look to end 3-year drought

Mississippi State safety Brandon Bryant, Oregon State linebacker Bright Ugwoegbu and Grand Valley State running back Martayveus Carter also entered the supplemental draft.

If I were a GM today, considering what has happened to players like Chancellor, I would be nervous about drafting or signing hard-hitting safeties. The current rules are such that these players are more prone to suspensions for illegal hits, and they are likely to miss time due to injuries. Any such absence impacts the team, and the player more likely than not will have a shorter career.

Part of the conundrum for Seahawks GM John Schneider and other execs who sign hard-hitting defensive backs is the risk-reward factor. Chancellor came into the NFL as an unheralded fifth-round pick, but he developed into a great player due in large part to his hitting ability and reputation.

Yes, believe it or not, Cutler was the breakout star of wife Kristin Cavallari’s new E! reality show, Very Cavallari, according to fans and critics.

The same qualities that made him a poor field general make the 35-year old Cutler a scene-stealer on his wife’s new show. He’s selfish, sulky, unsmiling.

Take Nashville, for example, which is reportedly high on the NHL’s list of potential outdoor game sites. The Music City Bowl takes place in Nissan Stadium in December, so it might be a Stadium Series game played in February instead for the Predators.

As for the NHL Awards, they’re locked into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the next three years. But after that, Mayer believes they’ll remain in Las Vegas, despite the fact that they’re now being held in a city that an NHL team calls home.

Will the NHL Awards move around? Let me put it this way: One player who was nominated for an award didn’t come this year. One player, because of a prior obligation and a family thing, said Mayer of Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty. I challenge any awards show, where you have one person [not show up] out of 16 awards, with three nominations for each award. That’s incredible. Let’s face it: Everybody loves to come here to Vegas. They bring their wives or families or girlfriends or just want to come here and have a good time.

The Sharks didn’t need Tavares.

Their window to win is open, especially next season. But there’s no question he would have elevated that status. And clearly, Tavares liked the age demographics of the Leafs rather than those of the Sharks’ roster.

Like the Sharks, Tavares was a luxury, not a necessity. It means the Bruins don’t need to move David Krejci’s $7.25 million cap hit (through 2021) nor David Backes’ $6 million cap hit (through 2021) in order to make room for the Tavares contract.

That they’re good enough, or their state’s tax benefits are good enough, to have gotten into the room with Tavares. Which is more than the Montreal Canadiens could say.

The focus turns to Tyler Seguin, who goes unrestricted next summer and will be looking at a Tavares-esque payday. Keep in mind that he’s originally from Ontario. Uh-oh …LeBron James agrees to four-year, $153.3 million deal with Lakers

Now, you got one cheap run. You manufacture runs, and that might be all I’d need, Guidry said. That’s how we played. But the whole team started to play like that, and that’s why we won — because we played that kind of baseball.

Sure, Severino’s Yankees can win via the long ball. But like Guidry, the young starter has demonstrated a knack for not needing much help on the scoreboard. Since the start of last season, Severino has a major-league-best 24 games in which he has allowed one run or fewer.

Often around at Yankees spring training, Guidry has seen Severino up close throughout his up-and-down journey as a Yankee. Following earlier struggles with consistency and victories, Guidry gave the young right-hander some advice he has taken to heart.

Sevy, your stuff is so good. Tell them. Tell them. And prove to yourself that [the struggles] aren’t you, and things will fall into place for you,’ Guidry said. Now look, it’s not because of me he’s become the guy. He’s worked hard, and now you see how good that kid is.Yanks’ new strikeout king? Severino chases Louisiana Lightning

The Colts checked out Luck’s right shoulder and found no structural damage, but the quarterback still sat out the team’s next two games.

He returned in Week 6 and threw three touchdown passes and no interceptions against the Patriots.

But the real curveball is that getting a team a decade earlier may be a terrible scenario for Jacksonville. With another decade to grow as a city and improve its bid for an NFL team, the Jaguars played their first games at the newly built Jacksonville Municipal Stadium that’s still the team’s home today, now under the name TIAA Bank Field.

When the shine of a new team wore off, the Jaguars went through the challenges of being a bad team in a small market without much tradition. It was exacerbated by the recession of 2008, and has since been an exaggerated issue for a city that hasn’t struggled that much to support the Jaguars. But the buoy through the toughest times was a stellar stadium and its ironclad lease.

If the Colts came to Jacksonville, they would’ve played in the Gator Bowl — an aging stadium that was demolished in 1994 to make way for Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

The hit heard ’round the world.

Well, I suppose that’s how some may refer to what transpired on January 8th, 2006. On the Cincinnati Bengals’ second offensive play from scrimmage in the Wild Card contest against the Pittsburgh Steelers, defensive tackle Kimo Von Oelhoffen tumbled into Carson Palmer’s left knee after completing a 66-yard pass to Chris Henry.

He tore two ligaments and had his kneecap dislocate on the play. Jon Kitna filled in admirably, but the Bengals’ Cinderella season ended with a 31-17 loss at Paul Brown Stadium.

Fifteen years. That’s how long Bengals fans had waited to once again be proud of their team and how long the drought between playoff berths was back in 2005.

For some who are new around these parts, the heartbreak ushered in 2011-2015 might be your first tastes of Bengals heartbreak. But, for those of us with longer memories and relationships with this team, there are deeper wounds.

Raiders’ coaches think Gareon Conley is ready for a big second season

Raiders cornerback Gareon Conley had a disappointing rookie season, playing in just two games after Oakland took him with the 24th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. But this year will be different.

That’s the word from Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who says Conley is ready to develop into the kind of elite player the Raiders thought he would be.

But as George said in Part 1 of his behind-the-scenes SportsCenter series, he takes some blame for that.

After he and Westbrook played majestically off each other in Game 5, George struggled in Game 6 as Westbrook put on his try-hard hat and jacked up 43 shots. There can be frustration playing with Westbrook, and George almost assuredly felt some at points, but throughout last season he was rigidly positive, investing himself completely into making it work with Westbrook and Anthony.

George wants to play with stars. That’s the message he’d sent to the Pacers front office, and the one he had on his mind shortly after the trade with regard to the Lakers chatter.

Ross (5-6), who has been mentioned in trade rumors, was chased by Diaz’s homer. Ross had his worst start of the season, allowing seven runs and seven hits, with three walks and no strikeouts.

I didn’t throw the ball particularly well, Ross said. I could’ve been a lot better with two outs and two strikes. That’s kind of where I really got myself into trouble.

That big fifth inning, had two strikes on Meadows and two outs, and double to left and then everything kind of unfolded from there. Days like this happen. I still had a chance to win that game, just wasn’t able to put hitters away when I had two-strike counts.

Said manager Andy Green: You’ve got two outs and nobody on and Tyson on the mound, you kind of like that situation right there. Next thing you know, bases are loaded and one pitch is hit out of the ball park, and that kind of changes the trajectory of the game. It’s a frustrating one.